Tradition is a word used for many different reasons. The Harvard Road Race Association is strongly dedicated to one tradition in particular - the tradition of putting on great road races.

We are a group of dedicated volunteers from different walks of life with one strong common element - the love of running. Together we have worked to put together road races steeped in the many traditions associated with running and running in road races.

We pride ourselves in providing an enjoyable experience every time you run here. In addition, we support the community by donating proceeds to local athletic organizations, charities like the McCurdy Community Track and local volunteer ambulance squad. Our goal is to support local athletic endeavors and non-profit organizations through the money raised by our races. 100% of proceeds goes towards this goal.

For questions about any of our races contact our race director: racedirector@harvardraces.org

For questions about the web-site, contact our webmaster: webmaster@harvardraces.org